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One or both of the girls sat down at my computer and randomly bought from the iTunes store:

Splintering by Arizona
Higher-ArkAngel (X-Mix) by Arkangel
Back to the Wall by Belaire
Beautiful by Bill Medley
The Shakes by Boy/Girl
Mary Jo by Brazos
The Phoenix of the Molotov by the Cryptkeeper Five
Best Friend by the Dandy Warhols
Tik Tok by Die Romantik
Smoking is Sexy by The Forward
O Shot by the Gay Blades
The Human Hosepipe by Harry and the Potters
In the Fur by In the Fur
Bomb by Izzy Stradlin
Let Me Borrow that Top by Kelly
Better by Krash Buzz Nine
À part by La Laque
Somewhere Else by Marilion
Oh, Boy! by Maureen McCormick
Highway to the Sun by The Milwaukees
Walk in the Park by Oh No Oh My
Latter Days by Over the Rhine
Better Days by Peter and the Wolf
Take it Back by Pink Nasty
To Fix the Gash in Your Head by A Place to Bury Strangers
Harder Than You Think (Remix) by Public Enemy
Shinjuki Nights by Ray Manzarek & Bal
Living End by Spectre
Juice by Steve Vai
Everything by Suzy Bogguss
Man with a Plan by Tacks, the Boy Disaster
Mess Your Hair Up by White Denim

My first thought is -- I had no idea they could do this much damage as I have it set to prompt me for a password before purchasing music, so I must have left iTunes open on my desktop right after a purchase, and I am never doing that again.

My next thought is -- what a great opportunity to get to know some new music! I know only a handful of these artists remotely, and am eager to hear thoughts on all of them from anyone who has heard of them.

My third thought is -- how on earth did THESE SONGS get selected? I cannot figure out what weird random search resulted in them turning up, or how clicking one led naturally to the next, except by the random association of what people tend to purchase together. I imagine this might be clearer if I understand most of this music at all. Any thoughts on that?
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