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[ profile] gatopreto & [ profile] meristem had hinted they might be in town for holiday week/New Year's Eve, and I was planning to surprise [ profile] zinzinzinnia (who is in town til the end of the week only with [ profile] thickie) by springing them on her tonight at our dinner party. But last week, [ profile] gatopreto gave me to understand (without being explicit) that they were not coming. I was sad; we hadn't all been together in one place for years and years. They'd never met [ profile] thickie. And I hadn't gotten to spend nearly enough time with them when they were in town for Thanksgiving.

Tonight, [ profile] zantony spent time in the city with Y, who is visiting, and we'd told him he was welcome to bring her along to the dinner gathering if she was up to it. He told me she was pretty booked, and I thought no more of it, until, well after he was home, Christopher announced he'd gotten an SMS from her and she was coming in on the train, and could I pick her up because I hadn't been drinking yet. I dragged [ profile] zantony along as he knew her by face, and I only met her the once, two (?) years ago.

So there we are at the station, [ profile] zantony's gone to find Y, and he reappears, and I think to myself, "My, she looks a lot more like, [ profile] meristem than I remembered. I thought she was taller."

And then I spotted [ profile] gatopreto...


They were here! I totally bought the silly ruse about Y. Not only was I surprised, but we got to surprise [ profile] zinzinzinnia when we got back.

Wait, let me correct that -- not only was I surprised, I was nearly exploding with joy. I still am!

It made my night, and the gathering, complete. (Well, apart from the lack of [ profile] scottso, who'd stayed home sick, and whom I missed.)

I don't think I could love my friends more. (Those here last night, but also many far away.)

(Allow me to also mention the heroic efforts on [ profile] zantony's part to keep the surprise intact despite some near-blowing by [ profile] mr_niggle, who also gets points for setting it up.)
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