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I've just attempted to read Tom Robbins for the first time and I am quite depressingly disappointed. I think I've come to him too late in life and too late in his career. Perhaps I should have started with Cowgirls, but we had _Skinny Legs and All_ sitting on the shelf and it grabbed my attention. Alas, a writing style that I suspect once came off as revolutionary now comes off as somewhat masturbatory. I feel some twinges of guilt for saying so, because clearly his heart is in it, but it's hard to read it (at least at this moment) as anything other than facile, juvenile word blather.

Maybe next year I'll feel differently.
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Some days I really wonder how to tell people what is up with my life. "I played with Baby all morning, she's still cuter than hell and learning lots. I remain insanely lucky." It doesn't make for a good read.

Ah, but speaking of good reads, I treated myself to a copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this weekend. It was quite good, as [ profile] zantony promised, and I'm looking forward to reading more and to the movie, but I keep wondering, what is Alan Moore's deal with rape plots? They've been in most of his work that I've seen date. I realize not all the main characters in the 'League' are meant to be sympathetic, but some of the stuff in this comic that seemed to be getting passed over as funny (a foray into a 'girl's reform school' type place plucked from Victorian erotica) actually was quite disturbing. BTW, here is a page of awesome footnotes to the whole comic book.

I gave up on reading The Amber Spyglass and loaned it to a friend. I think I am still technically in the middle of Kavalier and Clay.

Just as I'd typed all that, the phone rang. My contractor. He did show, yesterday, got most things done. Promised to return this afternoon to finish the last three... and when I heard his voice on the phone I think I got a little sharp. He was just calling to confirm that he was coming. Phew.

Meanwhile, took another quiz, pursuant to last week's revelation that I am an angel. This one claims I'm nurturing, which I guess is cool, but I don't actually see what it has to do with the angel in question. Also, despite motherhood, my ass is not actually that big.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?

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Is here! And without prompting, he offered to knock $$ off the price of the job. Yay!

And... Buffy! Buffy was cool!


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