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1 very large mug's worth of milk. I think mine are more than 16 oz. As long as you are going for hot cocoa, you may as well go for broke.

In small saucepan:

3 heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder
3 teaspoons of sugar
Just enough milk to get it all wet.

Whisk (with mini-whisk or fork) over medium heat to get it to all meld together into perfect chocolate goo.

Whisk in:
2 hefty shakes cinnamon
1 gentle shake of chili powder

The rest of the milk.

Keep stirring until desired heat; do not let it boil.

Optional: a dash of salt (I don't use it)
Or instead of cinnamon and chili powder use just cinnamon, or a light pinch of pumpkin pie seasoning. Or ginger and orange zest/flavoring (without the cinnamon).

Mmmmm. But first, we go out to play in the snow.
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One or both of the girls sat down at my computer and randomly bought from the iTunes store:

A surprisingly long list of random music )

My first thought is -- I had no idea they could do this much damage as I have it set to prompt me for a password before purchasing music, so I must have left iTunes open on my desktop right after a purchase, and I am never doing that again.

My next thought is -- what a great opportunity to get to know some new music! I know only a handful of these artists remotely, and am eager to hear thoughts on all of them from anyone who has heard of them.

My third thought is -- how on earth did THESE SONGS get selected? I cannot figure out what weird random search resulted in them turning up, or how clicking one led naturally to the next, except by the random association of what people tend to purchase together. I imagine this might be clearer if I understand most of this music at all. Any thoughts on that?


Dec. 9th, 2008 01:32 pm
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Time to get rid of a few things in the coming weeks:

Crib bedding with matching lampshade (w/ lamp base, probably), window valances, crib bumper, and possibly other odds and ends I've forgotten about. This is in a gender-neutral ecru-on-ecru print of moons and stars.

A high-end Bellini crib in bleached wood with a matching dresser. These cost a fortune and were a gift from my mother, so I will be negotiating with her as to just how I can rid myself of them. She may insist that I sell, but I can probably convince her it is OK to give them away (or at least 'loan' them for a few years) if they are going to a friend or friend-of-friend. This comes with a barely-used high-end mattress (water proof/resistant/something and other details that escape me) plus whatever associated stuff like mattress pads I can find. Or maybe those go with the bedding. Whichever! The dresser btw is a changing table and I believe I still have the pad for it with two peach pad covers, but I wouldn't want to swear to that.

We may also be getting rid of two full-depth twin mattresses.

This is all in preparation for getting the girls bunk beds with a built-in dresser and setting them up in a new bedroom (formerly ours; we're taking the room that is now Big Girl's).
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Can the FDIC really cover everyone if all the banks fail?

Why has nobody made a clear and succinct statement about how credit keeps Main St. functioning? It does, but nobody understands why.

Suze Ormand says the market may not recover until 2015.

She sensibly notes that the government should stop calling it a 'bailout plan' and call it an 'investment plan'.

Is it true they won't try to get a new version passed for 2 days due to the Jewish holidays? That's crazy talk.

If your congresspeople voted against this bill, please call them and scream at them.
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Before the knee, we were in the midst of massive home-improvement projects.

We, and I use the word "we" loosely to mean Christopher, repainted the bathroom, ordered a new vanity with sink to replace the one that is falling apart (exactly as pictured here -- viewable when it is not Shabbot, when they close the website), got a new faucet for said sink, a new light fixture, and are eagerly anticipating being able to afford a total retiling and putting in of a new tub next year.

We're also working on replacing the dining room table (ours is staggering on its last legs, literally), and as such have been scouring options.

In the midst of this I cam upon the Treadwell Galleries. And now I have massive object lust for almost everything on that site, or at least in that listing.

Now of course a lot of the projects are stalled with boxes piled around. Bad timing!
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Hours of sleep last night: 4ish
Cups of coffee consumed average day: .5
Cups of coffee consumed today: 3
Computers that would not burn a digital photo to CD: 2
Hard copies of photo needing copying found: 0
Hard copies of class photo picked up after driving across town and embarrassing myself: 1
Number of non-working scanners spread across 2 households: 2 (1 if you don't count the one we ditched)
Number of printers that would not print spread across 2 households: 2
Proper meals eaten thus far today: 0
Truffles accidentally consumed while they were sitting there in the office with me while NOTHING WOULD WORK: 3
Projects for end-of-year-party next week absolutely needing to be finished by 2:15 pm today: 1
Projects for end-of-year-party next week finished by 2:15 today: 0

Walks in the woods to calm down: 1
Walks in the woods resulting in 2 year old sitting in mud and trying to fling herself in the brook: 1

I am going to Belizzi in a few minutes to meet Rosanne so that the kids can kill each other in the playroom and we can sit together and talk like sane adults.

And eat salad, because I done blown my points on those truffles.


So I will get the 'thanks for a great year' projects done before Tuesday's party and the kids will sign during the party and the world will not end.

And I will not say yes to being a class mother next year.
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[ profile] mr_niggle is ill, and in Atlanta. Very ill. Very in Atlanta. I call him to fret at him about his being ill and getting home with a snowstorm coming.

Me: You shouldn't be driving in your state.

Him: I'm not, I'm driving in Georgia.

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[ profile] gatopreto & [ profile] meristem had hinted they might be in town for holiday week/New Year's Eve, and I was planning to surprise [ profile] zinzinzinnia (who is in town til the end of the week only with [ profile] thickie) by springing them on her tonight at our dinner party. But last week, [ profile] gatopreto gave me to understand (without being explicit) that they were not coming. I was sad; we hadn't all been together in one place for years and years. They'd never met [ profile] thickie. And I hadn't gotten to spend nearly enough time with them when they were in town for Thanksgiving.

Tonight, [ profile] zantony spent time in the city with Y, who is visiting, and we'd told him he was welcome to bring her along to the dinner gathering if she was up to it. He told me she was pretty booked, and I thought no more of it, until, well after he was home, Christopher announced he'd gotten an SMS from her and she was coming in on the train, and could I pick her up because I hadn't been drinking yet. I dragged [ profile] zantony along as he knew her by face, and I only met her the once, two (?) years ago.

So there we are at the station, [ profile] zantony's gone to find Y, and he reappears, and I think to myself, "My, she looks a lot more like, [ profile] meristem than I remembered. I thought she was taller."

And then I spotted [ profile] gatopreto...


They were here! I totally bought the silly ruse about Y. Not only was I surprised, but we got to surprise [ profile] zinzinzinnia when we got back.

Wait, let me correct that -- not only was I surprised, I was nearly exploding with joy. I still am!

It made my night, and the gathering, complete. (Well, apart from the lack of [ profile] scottso, who'd stayed home sick, and whom I missed.)

I don't think I could love my friends more. (Those here last night, but also many far away.)

(Allow me to also mention the heroic efforts on [ profile] zantony's part to keep the surprise intact despite some near-blowing by [ profile] mr_niggle, who also gets points for setting it up.)


Dec. 26th, 2007 06:42 pm
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I got a lot of loot. I won't catalogue it all here.

I just want to celebrate my husband a moment.

He got me what I asked for -- exactly and precisely. A Soda Club penguin, which I would not have known about were it not for [ profile] ratphooey. Now I can make my own fizzy water. And I have a penguin. Yay!

But he also got me the thing I wanted most, did not know I wanted, and had not asked for. The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman. This compiles Ms. Kalman's contributions to the NY Times of last year, October through April. They are sort of visual poems, and are breathtaking and resonant and amazing. He knew how much I'd loved them.

Thank you, sweetie.

It was a good Christmas -- an exhausting Christmas Eve (baking all day) topped off with the family party, then Christmas Day with [ profile] zinzinzinnia and [ profile] thickie, which made it extra-special. Tony is now home, and the girls are delighted (Glory is all over him as I type this.) What more could I want?
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Regarding my diet, I have two words for you all:

Skinny pants! Skinny pants! Skinny pants! Skinny pants! Skinny pants!


Nov. 4th, 2007 08:32 am
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"Snail. Issa snail."

Glory's snail picture

So sayeth Gloriana, who is a day or two shy of 23 months, and just drew it. Then she drew about twenty more little spirals she tells are snails, as well.
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There are eleven kids in Gwen's class. Four of them were Spider-man this year. Two were red Spider-man, and two were black Spider-man. This included the twins, who were split on the red/black axis.

Gwen, on the other hand, was a pirate. There were many pirates in the Kindergarten Halloween Parade overall, but Gwen was the only girl pirate that we could see.

She's been practicing her "Yo ho ho!" and "Yarrrr!" (both almost impossible for her to say spontaneously.)

Pictures later.
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Tony has just gone to take a nap.

Glory decided I should have a nap, too. And then it was time to wake up. ("Kup! Kup!") and that I had a dream. I asked what my dream was about and she said, "Salad. Eating. Salad." I said, "I was dreaming about eating salad?" and she said, "Yeah."

She now wants to take a nap with her monkey and dream about salad, too. Even more than she wants to dream about strawberries, which she is currently eating.

Edit: Tony, per Glory, is dreaming about his broken blanket. ("Blankie. Broken. Oh." -- with 'Oh' said in a calculatedly heartbroken tone.)
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From last year's teacher, received last night:

Just writing to say good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you're all excited and nervous, but I know it will be great.
Keep in touch.

From this year's teacher, received 20 minutes after the end of class:

Hi Cordelia,
Gwen had a great day. She is such a happy and bubbly child. She enjoyed
playing in the kitchen area and with the flannel board. She is already
naming most of the students in class, including the children she just
met today!
Mary Lou

Gwen is in good hands.

Gwen giving Mary Lou an apple


Aug. 27th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Back from a truly lovely and peaceful trip to visit [ profile] shayde and [ profile] catya and various and sundry other folks. Mostly we spent the weekend at Catya's family's incredibly cozy house on a lake in Maine (this was nowhere near the coast; if you cross the pond you are in New Hampshire.) It was great, among other things, to spend time with their son and get to know him a bit better and to watch he and his eight-year-old age-mate playing together all weekend. Whenever I see boys that age it reminds me, of course, of Patrick, but I find this no longer gives me melancholy. Instead it just makes me breath with relief and admiration to see the world Z lives in and the person he's growing into.

My favorite moment was waking up early Sunday morning and getting to sit and chat with Cat while we watched the sun find, light up and warm the water.

The girls I think really enjoyed themselves. Gwen can be hard to read in this respect, but she did consent to venture into the water a few times and even took two journeys on a motor boat -- the second with no parent along! Glory also got her first ride on a motor boat -- or a boat of any kind, for that matter. She told us "done boat," after, but I noticed she is no less taken with the notions of "boats" and "water" than ever. ("OooooOOooo, Daddy! Iseeya boat! OoooooOOOOooo, Gwennie! Iseeya a a WATER!")

There was the unexpected bonus of music Sunday night back in the general Boston area and a chance to meet [ profile] redheadedmuse in person. Our lengthy conversation about Sarah Lawrence has my mind churning in interesting directions about what happens when I go back to school in a year or two. Hmmmm.
Monday (today) we met up with Pär, Minna and Aileen for lunch/playground before heading home. Great timing on all sides had all three available during business hours right when we wanted them. Hurray!

I always think of Boston as worlds away. It's really not. And I'm thinking we could and should make the trip more often.
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Hi. Christopher got me a haircut for my birthday (which I'd asked for). Here it is:

Delia's cute curly hair

This was done at Devachan, which I highly, HIGHLY recommend as a worth-it visit for anyone in the greater NY area with curly or wavy hair.

The great part is that I now really, REALLY understand how to take care of my curly locks. They tell me I have Botticelli curls, which, seriously -- who would argue with that? I'll be growing my hair out longer again. And Jeffrey, who "took care of" me, told me that until I need my next haircut in 6-8 months, anytime I need a touch up or a styling, to give a call with a little notice and he'll take care of it for free.

Edit: This was not taken the day of the cut, but about a week after, after I'd been running around a bit that day. We cleverly haven't taken any pictures from the day of the cut off the camera yet. So this is what the haircut really looks like with typical wear.
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Lately, I have turned into an executioner.

Mysteriously, in the last week, there has been an invasion in my home. This has caused us no small amount of annoyance and occasional dismay -- which at last bloomed into full-boiled rage and then into bloodlust.

Fortunately, my neighbor MaryAnn who works at the container store bought me a gift yesterday. An Instrument of DEATH. See picture:

Me and a Flyswatter

Yes, the pests invading our house are common houseflies. Yesterday, there were about three dozen of them. Today we are down to about six; the balance all killed by the mighty huntress, yours truly.

A few observations based on no research whatsoever:

- Flies probably like the light because it helps them to figure out when shadows are coming. Shadows=death.

- It is therefore so much easier to kill flies when they are not sitting in lights. Before visiting the mighty Whap of Doom, I turn off overhead lights that might tip off the flies that I am coming.

- When you see a pair of flies copulating, try to catch them before one can fly off. Because a) they die happy and b) you never know which one is the girl and therefore needs to be chased more aggressively.

- Despite my husband's pleas, there is no way to kill the flies gently so that they do not leave fly goo on the walls, doors, mirrors, etc. at times. Sure, sometimes you kill the fly and it is intact. Sometimes you don't.

- Some of the suckers are wily and like to hang out on/in corners. I find a lot of waggling of the swatter flushes them out.

- I, the mighty huntress, would like to note that the best way to sneak up on the fly is to let a little of your shadow fall on it from a distance, then approach slowly. The fly is lulled into a false sense of security and then SMACK.

And finally:

- This is a lot more satisfying than video games, but my children are beginning to doubt my sanity.
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To my birthday-mate, [ profile] rani23!

To my beloved [ profile] zantony -- I thought I'd posted this yesterday but it looks like a crash ate my post. Happy birthday plus one!

To me!

To [ profile] ladybarnard's father -- how weird is it I remember that?

To [ profile] rani23's twin sister, too, of course.

To Colin Hay of Men at Work. The 80s may be over, but I'm still thinking about you, Big Guy.

To A's friend Jen!

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Spring Awakening was pretty awesome. The lyrics could be a bit more coherent but that is the only criticism in a show that was truly riveting.

Please do watch the performance from the Tony awards here:

If you have not seen it, because the recorded soundtrack doesn't do this show justice at all.

Of course, the third song they are sampling in the Tony show was "You're Fucked" but they can't say "Fucked" so they just cover their mouths for that word.

The idea: Take a 19th century German novel about coming of age and the angst and pain and sorrow and confusion of doing so in a repressed society. Put it on the stage. Make all of the internal monologues happen as modern rock music in modern words, but otherwise keep the setting in the 19th century.

There's also a live, semi-nude deflowering scene on stage which I believe the husband found a bit titillating, but which I found heartbreaking.

It won for best musical, of course.
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My parents' house was flooded last weekend during the nor'easter; the basement filled up waist-high with water, and then an oil pipe broke so all the water filled with oil. A hazardous waste team had to clean up the rest and decided what was "salvageable."

- 4 christmas ornaments. This includes one precious silver glass ball with the image of a bird hand-painted on it which predates the fire. Gone is everything else, including all my own glass which I'd loaned my parents for a few years while we rebuilt their collection (to the tune of hundreds and hundreds of dollars post-fire). I need to say somewhere so will say here I was strongly opposed to storing the ornaments in the basement, and said so. Repeatedly. I spent about a twenty minutes this morning coaxing the water out from inside the ornament with a toothpick -- it had no air hole.

- About 8 pieces of my grandmother's china.

- Most of my mother's china.

- A very tarnished silver tea set.

- Some heavy woodworking equipment.

Everything else from the basement is gone, but it's just things. My parents currently have no furnace and are staying in their friends' luxury homes until next week when they expect to have a furnace again.

Almost none of this is covered by insurance.

There are families in shelters down the street and at the high school. My next door neighbor went there and had to search around to find the families of some of her son's classmates to offer them a place to stay. I think I know where some of our unused toys and clothes are going.


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