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Some years ago, while sharing a cab ride home with [ profile] epilady and [ profile] chestertodd the subject of teeth came up. I explained my phobias about dentistry and they said not to worry! Then they told me about Dr. B, the Best Dentist in New York. A few months later, I gave him a call and have never regretted it. Turns out these friends, who have often spoken of being in search of 'gay experiences', also pointed me to the Gayest Dentist in New York City, but more importantly, the Nicest.

Some random observations and recollections...

The business cards (green and cream stripes) match the 'architectural' wall in the waiting room. (The other wall is purple.)

I was scared to death for my first visit, and they gave me a stuffed animal to squeeze while they did their thing. The next time, I asked for it, and the assistant told me she'd have to go get out of the closet because, "The decorator was here and we had to hide it -- he gets upset if he sees them out!"

My husband started seeing Dr. B. Dr. B constantly exclaim over how sweet my husband was. One day, he was giving my husband dental hygiene directions and Hubby said, "Is there anything else I should do?" Dr. B said, "Yes," then spread his arms and said, "Give me a big hug!"

When Baby was born, he sent us gorgeous sterling silver presents for her: a switch plate and a night light with Noah's Ark theme.

The first time I was ever in his office, he was busy passing around a photograph of an art deco pin he'd bought for his mother at an antique store on his way back from Fire Island. He'd just finished having the clasp fixed and wanted to surprise her with it.

Today, Dad was at the office with me, minding the baby. Dr. B wandered out to the lobby to see her saying, "Where's the most beautiful person in the world?" and Dad answered, "Here I am!" to which Dr B replied, "Don't make me spank you!" God they were funny together...

Dr B is also incredibly patient with my phobias and need to have everything explained twice (once by the techs and then once in English). He's gentle, and careful, and never cross-contaminates, and very knowledgable.

So, [ profile] epilady and [ profile] chestertodd, allow me to kiss your four feet and thank you for the Nicest, Gayest, Most Trustworthy Dentist in New York.


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